about me

Tatiana Kligerman
New York, NY

I’m an experience designer, communicator, and a creative problem-solver. Or better saying, I please customers and brands for a living.

I design experiences that make brands shine by showing customers how much they care about them.
And while they’re at it, I make sure that every touch point is strategically built to help address retention, loyalty, awareness and sales needs.

Crafting the vision is one of my favorite things. The principles that come out of it serve as a guide for the customer journey—how the message will be orchestrated and presented along the way. From a piece of copy on the website to a short but critical moment during an event, every touch point is an opportunity of engagement. An opportunity to build the brand.

Unilever, Ford Motors, Diageo, Procter & Gamble, Santander, Motorola, Avon, Shutterstock, Citibank, and the NBA are some of the companies served in global, regional and local initiatives I have led in the last 20+ years. Award-winning deliverables include reports, strategy decks, content audits, high/low fidelity prototypes, comps and a lot of collaboration between multi-disciplinary teams.

And when I’m not bent over sketches, you’ll find me either reading a heart-wrenching novel, planning my next getaway, or being creative in the kitchen. I can bake a mean flan, by the way.


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T A T I A N A   K L I G E R M A N
Senior Leader, Experience Strategy & Design