avon alma

Whenever someone signs up to be a new AVON Sales Representative through sellavon.com, they get assigned to a Sales Leader who welcomes them and becomes their mentor in all things AVON. ALMA (AVON Leads Management Application) was the application in place to support Sales Leaders in managing those incoming leads, but a gut redesign was needed—it had to be faster and easier. The scope for this new project incorporated real-time dispositions/delegations, follow-ups and reporting analysis tools.
Initially invited as an adviser, I ended up driving the entire digital strategy, including a complete UX documentation. With a clear understanding of the requirements, my work started with validating the ideal journey and developing a style guide for the different lead instances I documented. Once that was finalized, I designed a detailed high-fidelity responsive prototype that accounted for all scenarios.


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T A T I A N A   K L I G E R M A N
Senior Leader, UX Strategy & Design