citibank retail cards

Throughout the years, Citi has developed partnerships with multiple retail companies such as Sears, Best Buy, and Home Depot. Citi Retail Services offers retailers a private-label credit solution and a white-label digital solution that includes a mobile application experience.
In an effort to understand customer behavior and increase conversion through online applications, my team conducted usability testing on three different prototypes. To get customers into the right mindset and simulate their experience at a store, the room was set up with a couple of posters on the wall, and in one of them, it was possible to see some kind of promotional content, inviting customers to reach for their phones and sign up. In this process, not only we explored potential abandonment/pain points, but we also went deeper into the customers’ mindset when applying to a retail credit card, uncovering needs and opportunities to improve the application flow.
Deliverables included a screener, discussion guide and a final report (a few slides are shown below) with actionable recommendations to implement the optimal user experience.


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T A T I A N A   K L I G E R M A N
Senior Leader, Experience Strategy & Design