nba league pass

If you manage a subscription service and want to find ways to grow subscribers, increase engagement and improve retention, you need to look closely at the user journey. With NBA’s League Pass, it is no different. To address those goals, my team kicked it off by producing a highly detailed audit of the fan’s journey, taking into account all interaction instances (e.g. “Awareness & Findability”, “Decision & Adoption”).
A critical part of that process was putting the expected/optimal experience against the current experience; by doing that, we were able to surface frictions and opportunities across different devices (desktop, mobile, tv) and later make actionable recommendations for all of them.
In addition to this holistic assessment, we also gathered insights from subscribers and prospects through in-depth interviews and a remote diary.


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T A T I A N A   K L I G E R M A N
Senior Leader, UX Strategy & Design